All Shiny And New

We are proud to introduce the brand, spankin’ new Float:Right Media. Our old design was looking quite worn, dated and tired and we wanted a much cleaner interface and a better way of showcasing our work. So after about 10 mockups, 100 crazy ideas that never made it past the scratch pad, 15 color schemes that were too bold, too plain or just too wrong, we finally settled on what you now see…a crisp, clean, nicely colored and sharp all new Float:Right Media using Brian Gardner’s Revolution Pro Media Theme.

Much like the auto mechanic, who’s car is the last to get fixed or the painter, whose house needs painting, the web designer’s website is always the last to receive the attention it needs. But we finally just parked it in front of our glorious LCD monitor and chugged through and are proud to present the final product (save for a few tweaks here and there).

And oh yeah….built on WordPress, of course.

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