fvc website designSometimes you get to create a website design that just makes you feel good. A project where the goals and guidelines are clearly outlined and everything just seems to flow, almost on it’s own. I’d like to share with you a website I recently designed where this happened.

I was told about a non-profit group that needed a website design so they could blog to gain a larger audience. They had created a copy book and needed a way to showcase it to draw attention to their cause. Their cause is autism awareness. After seeing the comic, I was intrigued and started in on designing a logo and in conjunction designing a website.

Both were approved with only slight revisions and the website launched pretty quickly. Since then I’ve been amazed to watch their progress. Take a look at this video to hear their amazing story and click here to visit their site. You may even feel prompted to order a copy of their recent comic book. I know I was.



Every now and again, I wake up at 3AM and am excited to go to work. Now, most people don’t get too excited about going to work, but I am so blessed to be able to work from the comfort of my home office in the company of my wife and three dogs and be here when my kids get home from school. To top it all off….people pay me to, essentially, play on the computer all day. How cool is that!?

The only downside is repetitive motion injuries and the dreaded “designer’s cramp”, when sometimes the creative tank just runs to empty (like a hemi on the freeway) and ideas just dry up. But I often think back to paragraph one and am once again inspired because of how blessed I am.

To all my clients…Thank you for liking my work. I appreciate you more than you can ever know.


Damon Zahariades of Trademark Content, a web content copy-writer presented me with little project to create a brand and header image for his new website Trademark Content.

Responsibile for: Graphic Design
{Launch Project}

Another project with Darrell Smith of Authority Selling, brought me with this project for one of his sales contacts, Larry Poe. A franchisee with the Sandler Selling System who offers weekly sales training via podcasts along with a variety of sales tools and techniques.

Responsibile for: XHTML + CSS + PHP + Design
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Folks, I am really jacked that we received a featured spot over at WP-Premiums today. WP-Premiums is a WordPress showcase site that features WordPress premium theme design and customizations….right up our alley.

As many of you may know, Float:Right Media was built using Brian Gardner’s Revolution Pro Media theme.

A big thank you to Penny and all the folks over at WP-Premiums.

Darrell Smith of Authority Selling, presented me with this project in conjunction with the release of a tactical and consultative sales training book release by the firm Outsell Consulting.

Responsibile for: XHTML + CSS + PHP + Design
{Launch Project}

We are proud to introduce the brand, spankin’ new Float:Right Media. Our old design was looking quite worn, dated and tired and we wanted a much cleaner interface and a better way of showcasing our work. So after about 10 mockups, 100 crazy ideas that never made it past the scratch pad, 15 color schemes that were too bold, too plain or just too wrong, we finally settled on what you now see…a crisp, clean, nicely colored and sharp all new Float:Right Media using Brian Gardner’s Revolution Pro Media Theme.

Much like the auto mechanic, who’s car is the last to get fixed or the painter, whose house needs painting, the web designer’s website is always the last to receive the attention it needs. But we finally just parked it in front of our glorious LCD monitor and chugged through and are proud to present the final product (save for a few tweaks here and there).

And oh yeah….built on WordPress, of course.

This site was developed as a catalyst to bring together local area blues musicians. The community regularly gathers to jam, exchange ideas and hope to bring a blues festival to the area.

Responsibile for: XHTML + CSS + PHP + Design
{Launch Project}

I was approached by Richard Allum, a financial planner in the U.K. to transform his WordPress theme into a professional resource for the Paraplanning industry. The Paraplanner continues to be a developing project.

Responsibile for: XHTML + CSS + PHP + Design
{Launch Project}


A long time client was opening a new custom window blind and shutter business in the U.K. Using WordPress as the engine, we developed a clean and nicely styled front end to showcase his product and for clients to arrange appointments.

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