Face Value Comics

Sometimes you get to create a website design that just makes you feel good. A project where the goals and guidelines are clearly outlined and everything just seems to flow, almost on it’s own. I’d like to share with you a logo and website I recently designed where this happened.

I was told about a non-profit group that needed a logo and website design so they could blog to gain a larger audience. They had created a comic book and needed a way to showcase it to draw attention to their cause. Their cause is autism awareness. After seeing the comic, I was intrigued and started in on designing a logo and in conjunction designing a website.

Both were approved with only slight revisions and the website launched pretty quickly. Since then I’ve been amazed to watch their progress. Take a look at this video to hear their amazing story and click here to visit their site. You may even feel prompted to order a copy of their recent comic book. I know I was.




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